Details Regarding Management

Chairman & Managing Director

G.Unnikrishnan Nair
2nd Floor, Pan African Plaza, M.G.Road, Trivandrum-1.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for seeing that the company keeps the promises described in the company’s mission and values statements.

The members of Borad of Directors are qualified and able to meet the challenging requirements of the company .

Basic responsibilities of the Board of Directors


Administration Department

The administration department is responsible for the entire gamut of day to day activities of the company.

Supervise and manage administrative activities.

Finance Dept.-Functions

Understand the overall performance of the company

Identify the way to measure and maximise the value of assets.

Reduce operating cost and effectively manage investments.

Anticipate variations in market place.

Improve business processes.

Legal Dept.

Legal Dept. of the company handles legal issues which may come up in the course of business.

Members of the legal Dept. are typically trained and qualified lawyers along with a support staff of law professionals.

Technical Dept.

Technical Dept. provides technical advise and support to the company and the customers.


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