Name of the Company : Kerala Housing Finance Limited..

(Regd.under National Housing Bank-Reg.No:02.0064.06)

Kerala Housing Finance Limited was incorporated on 5th March 1992 as a Public Limited COmpany with an Authorised Capital of Rupees Six Crore divided into 60,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each.The Company proposed to enhance its Authorised Share Capital to Rs.10 crore during the financial year 2010-2011.Its started operations in April 1992.Kerala Housing Finance Limited is the first  Housing Finance Company incorporated in the state of kerala.It has as its main objects of granting of Housing Loans to the poor and the middle class at reasonable rate of interest.

K.H.F.L. intended to establish itself a keystone of housing finace democracy with branches all over the state.It is proposed to establish new Branches at every taluk Head Quarters and other major cities of the state.KHFL is a growing name in the field of Housing Finance and disburses all the funds received from the State of Keralain Kerala itself.We owe a great deal to the confidence that has been placed on us by our investors,clients and public at large.

The functioning of the Company is steadily progressing and is under the direct control and supervision of the Board of Directors.It is having one of the talented and experienced team of administrative & marketing staff,who are constantly working to better the prospects of the company.

The main aim of the Company is to march forward in the field of Housing Finance by opening more branches in Kerala.Keral Housing Finance Limited is having attractive debenture issue and advances, particulalrly to provide home to homeless in rural and urban sectors.


Housing is one of the top priorities for most people, regardless of their income levels. Without the security and comfort of a home, there is no escaping the difficulties resulting from poverty. Poor people do not have the financial means to buy or construct houses with their savings, and therefore they live in their ancestral huts, those rented from landlords or government-supplied houses.

Poverty levels measured by monetary expenditures toward food do not adequately capture the quality of life that is greatly affected by the type of available housing. Adequate housing is considered by many to be a fundamental human right regardless of income level -- a basic necessity for all that cannot be denied in a fair and equitable society.

The Housing Problem

The housing problem has become acute in most industrial regions of the world since the last war. There is increasing recognition everywhere of the close relation between housing and the health and well-being of the people. Actually, over a number of years, shortages on a large-scale have developed and conditions worsened a great deal. Efforts made to solve the problem were handicapped by the difficult economic situation prevailing during these years.

In India the situation has become particularly serious on account of the large increase of population since 1921. The percentage increase of population in the last three censuses has been 11%, l4'3% and 13'4% respectively.

The supply of houses on the other hand did not keep pace with the increasing demand.

Urban Housing

Reliable statistics of the number of houses in urban areas are not available. While construction of houses remained almost at a standstill for several years on account of the war and post-war difficulties, urban population grew steadily. The advance census figures of 1951 show that. in the decade 1941-51, while the rural population increased by 7-4% the urban population increased by 53.77%. The corresponding figures of the previous decade were 12% and 32-1% respectively. The Planning Commission made an attempt to obtain a rough estimate of housing shortage in the principal industrial towns. Information received in respect of 37 such towns with a total population of 17,14,560 engaged in large-scale industries shows that the approximate number of industrial workers, who are in immediate need of accommodation, is 4,54,900.

Rural Housing

The problem of housing in rural areas is a vast one as even now 83% of the entire population of India ut ameliorating rural living conditions. Some opportunities for planning in the villages have arisen of late due to reforms in the land tenure system and establishment of community development projects. The problems which confront the rural areas are, however, somewhat different in character and do not call for expenditure of large slums for individual housing units. Unlike in towns, land value, and consequently congestion, is not a principal factor. The immediate needs of the villagers are primarily adequate water-supply, improved communications and arrangements for disposal of sewage and waste-products. Improvement in standards of rural housing should be aimed at primarily by utilising labour and materials locally available with only a modicum of technical assistance.


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